How to run a button, jump or text in CS:GO


How to run a button, jump or text in CS:GO
In CS: GO, the keyboard is just as important a device as a computer mouse. Besides walking, you can assign many useful functions to the keys. If a key is responsible for some action, then it is called a bind. We will look at ways to bind a console command to a button, jump on the mouse wheel, or the text we need.
Bind example: bind "key" "action". Examples of actions are detailed below.
How to bind a console command to a button in CS: GO
You can use the list of all console commands on our website to bind them to the keys you need. Below are some examples of how to bind (carefully, some commands work only after enabling the sv_cheats 1 cheat mode):

  • bind "console command" key - a template to bind the console to a key.
  • bind z "mp_restartgame 1" - means that the z key will restart the match.
  • bind z "god" - press z to make you immortal, and when pressed again, mortal.
  • bind z "give weapon_ak47" - will give an AK-47 (see the full list of all console commands).
  • bind z "noclip" - enable or disable flight.
  • bind z "bot_add" - the key will add bots.
  • bind z "bot_kick" - the key will remove bots.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in console commands, where values of 0 or 1 are used, you can assign these two commands to one key. To do this, use toggle before starting the command and here are examples:
  • bind z "toggle cl_righthand" - will change the right or left hand by just one z key.
  • bind z "toggle sv_cheats" - enable and disable cheat mode.
  • bind z "toggle cl_draw_only_deathnotices" - disappear and appear HUD.
  • bind z "toggle voice_enable" - Confuse and defuse all players in voice chat.
  • bind z "toggle net_graph" - turn on and off the FPS counter in CS: GO.
How to bind a mouse wheel jump in CS: GO
To bind a jump by pressing the mouse wheel, you need to write bind "mouse3" "+ jump".
  • bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+ jump" - jump to scroll down the mouse wheel.
  • bind "MWHEELUP" "+ jump" - jump to scroll the mouse wheel up.
  • bind "SPACE" "+ jump" - jump to space.
  • bind "mouse4" "+ jump" - on the left side mouse button.
  • bind "mouse5" "+ jump" - on the right side mouse button.

As you probably understood, you can bind not only jumps, but also the commands above to these mouse buttons.
How to bind text to a key in CS: GO
To bind some text, open the console and write:

  • bind "z" "say CSGAMER.RU is the best site about CS: GO" - text for everyone.
  • bind "z" "say_team CSGAMER.RU - the best site about CS: GO" - text only for teammates.
How to remove bindings in CS: GO
To unbind a specific key, write unbind "z" in the console, where z is the key from which you want to remove the bind.
How to run a button, jump or text in CS:GO
To bind, you need to know the key labels in CS: GO. So to bind the flight to the NUMPAD 5 key, enter bind "kp_5" "noclip". Below is a diagram of NumPad, buttons and their designation in CS: GO:
How to run a button, jump or text in CS:GO


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