How to do an endless workout in CS:GO via the console


How to do an endless workout in CS:GO via the console
Sometimes it happens that you need to practice, have fun with friends or play on special cards from the workshop, and everything is in the warm-up mode. A standard warm-up is only a few minutes. Especially for this, there is a way that will make the duration of the warmap practically infinite. So, in this guide, we will tell you how to do an endless warm-up in CS: GO, as well as how to remove it using the console.

How to do an endless workout:

  1. We go to the server you created (We remind you that the endless warm-up works only on your server, in official games it will not work);
  2. We open the console and enter several commands;
  3. The first command is sv_cheats 1 - activates cheat mode. Without this command, we will not be able to increase or decrease the warm-up time in the game. (To disable, instead of 1, write 0);
  4. With the second command mp_warmup_start, we turn on the warm-up if it has already ended;
  5. And the third command mp_warmup 100000 includes a warm-up for a specified number of seconds (in this case, 100,000 seconds equals a full day).
How to remove a warm-up:

To return to standard mode, you need to register mp_warmup_end in the console or mp_warmup 1.


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