Animated nick in CS:GO - changing clan tag

Animated nick in CS:GO - changing clan tag
An animated nickname in CS:GO means that when the player moves, there will be a changing clan tag. Consider an example for four clan tags - this is AIM WH BH TRIG. First, you need to find groups with tags. In our example, here are 4 groups that you need to join:

Let's enter and go to CS:GO. We enter 4 console commands to change the clan tag by pressing certain keys:
  • bind "w" "+forward;cl_clanid 24774600
  • bind "a" "+moveleft;cl_clanid 24774617
  • bind "d" "+moveright;cl_clanid 24774627
  • bind "s" "+back;cl_clanid 24774641
Done, now there will be an animated nickname when running. To create your own tags, you need to create a group with a tag, and see its eight-digit identifier. Then we enter the commands from the top, but we already change the ID.
Who wants to remove the asterisks, go to the Game Options / Team Tag and set the "No Tag" parameter there.

 How to remove an animated nickname

It's very simple, just log out of these communities on Steam.


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